Friends Together Childcare Cooperative

Friends Together Childcare Cooperative

The childcare centre that kids and parents love

We love and care for the whole child. Our childcare centre focuses on diversity, inclusion, and a holistic approach to education. Centrally located in the heart of Greystone Heights, we accept children ages 18 months to six years old.

we care for the whole child

Positive growth.

Our mission

We encourage our children to appreciate and respect the diverse nature of humanity. Our goal is to teach children acceptance and open mindedness, kindness and empathy, cooperation over competition. We attempt to resolve disagreements and encourage compliance by clarifying the situation, distraction, and separating. We encourage children to become responsible for their own actions by using a system of logical consequences.

child running outside

Our vision

To provide a nurturing environment and the opportunity for each child to develop to their fullest potential β€” socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, and cognitively β€” through a balanced program of activities.

Our team

Each and every one of our educators brings unique and incredible value to the centre. From young grads to seasoned experts, Friends Together has been home to some employees for more than 40 years! Read more about our team here. 

Your child is special

It’s true β€” each child has a beautiful and unique personality. Through play, discovery, and learning, we help children be their best selves. Our staff truly cares about each child. Every child is special, every child is loved.